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Article 11 (Directive 92/43/EEC)
     Member States shall undertake surveillance of the conservation status of the natural habitats and species referred to Article 2 with particular regard to priority natural habitat types and priority species. more...

      Article 1 on the Habitats Directive defines favourable conservation status (FCS) of a natural habitat and favourable conservation status of a species. FCS habitats and species is implemented into § of the 5 Act of No. 543/2002 on Nature and Landscape Protection.       State Nature Conservancy in co-operation with national experts in 2004 has created definition FCS for all habitat types and species of Community interest which occure in Slovakia - 66 habitat types, 50 plants, 150 animals, 81 birds. The target of monitoring is the permanent and longterm surveillance and assessment of stability, changes and trends of this conservation status.

      Article 17 (Directive 92/43/EEC)
Every six years Member States shall draw up a report on the implementation of measures taken under this Directive. The first report period for new EU member states is 1th May 2004 - 31th December 2006.

      A common framework on how to assess conservation status (in three grades) and report this according to Article 17 of the Directive was approved by the Habitats Committee in April 2005. This framework defines what information shall be reported (and consequently collected) and gives a rough guideline on how to assess conservation status, so that, from national reports conclusions on European level can be drawn. Important elements of that agreement are that in the 2007 report a first assessment of conservation status for each species and habitat of community interest should be done, based on best available information.

      Article 12 (Directive/79/409/EEC)
Member States shall forward to the Commission every three years a report on the implementation of national provisions taken in the Directive.

      The establishment of an appropriate surveillance and monitoring system for observation conservation status of habitats and species of Community interest (as listed in Annex I, II, IV and V HD and birds from BD) is therefore the necessity.

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