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Small-Area Protected Territories

The Veľká Fatra National Park is one of the best preserved territories what is reflected also in the number of declared small-area protected territories. These are established to preserve rare and undisturbed parts of nature and their main purpose is based on a strict protection of species and territories. The strictest (4th-5th) level of protection applies to them. The Veľká Fatra Administration manages 42 of such rare territories.

The Harmanecká tisina NNR with the monument of the Ice Age, common yew tree, was declared as the first one. The highest number of this tree in whole Central Europe was preserved in the Veľká Fatra mountain range.

The largest reserve, the Tlstá NNR, spreads on the area of 3,066.04ha with significant karst formations, preserved forest communities and manifold alpine vegetation. The smallest NMs include the Rojkovská travertínová kopa NM and the Krkavá skala NM.

The highest-located NNRs include the Čierny kameň NNR and the Suchý vrch NNR.

The best-preserved primeval forest is hidden in Padva.

The Turiec river, where NNR is established, stretches in the highest number of cadastral areas and it flows through two districts.

The highest number of rock can be found in the Veľká skalná and Tlstá NNRs and the Biela skala NR.

The Rakšianske rašelinisko NNR, the Kláštorské lúky NNR and the Rojkovské rašelinisko NR preserve rare wetland communities with many endangered plant and animal species, which cannot be crossed with a dry feet.

Protected trees include interesting majestic lime trees in Kláštor pod Znievom, Sklené or Sklabinský Podzámok. Non-original species in this category are represented by gingko tree in Abramová.