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Mission, Goals and Functions of Carpathian Network of Protected Areas

Carpathian Network of Protected Areas

The second meeting of the Steering Committee was held jointly with a meeting of Carpathian protected area representatives in October 2003 in Smolenice, Slovakia. A potential structure for the future CNPA network was discussed and the main fields of cooperation between protected areas were addressed. On the occasion of this meeting the Steering Committee and protected area representatives proposed wording for the mission, goals and functions of the future CNPA:

CNPA Mission:

The CNPA mission is to contribute to the protection and sustainable development of the Carpathians. The CNPA is a tool for the implementation of the Carpathian Convention, by enhancing the cooperation of Carpathian protected areas with each other and with other mountain regions of Europe. The CNPA is a network of protected areas promoting cooperation, representing the interests of Carpathian protected areas to national and international authorities and organisations.

CNPA Goals:

  • Protection, restoration of nature and sustainable use of natural and cultural resources
  • Implementation of the EU Habitat Directive, the EU Bird Directive, Natura 2000 concept and Water Framework Directive, the EU policy towards nature conservation, including regional and global environmental conventions and instruments (Convention of Biodiversity, Ramsar Convention, Bern Convention, PEBLDS, etc.) in the framework of the Carpathian Convention
  • Promotion of sustainable livelihoods and sustainable development of the Carpathians

    CNPA Functions:

  • Networking and cooperation
    • Capacity building (know-how)
    • Exchange of experience, knowledge and data (workshops, staff exchanges, etc.)
    • Communication (publications, public awareness building)
    • Coordinating common activities and projects
  • Awareness building, information
  • Lobbying and fundraising for joint activities
  • Preparing recommendations for Carpathian convention bodies

    Types of protected areas to be included in the CNPA:

    The Steering Committee agreed that only protected areas larger than 100 ha would be included in the CNPA map of Carpathian protected areas. Exchange within the CNPA will occur among active protected areas, i.e. those which have their own staff, or a responsible administrative body which can represent them. Therefore, protected areas to be included in the future CNPA activities will be:

    Active members larger than 100 ha

    Protected areas which do not have their own staff and which are smaller than 100 ha will still be included in the general list of Carpathian protected areas.

    Large-Scale Protected Area Types in the Carpathians
    Parks /
    Parks /
    Area (ha) Total
    Czech Republic 0 0 3 0 195 610 3
    Hungary* 3 0 7 0 161 113 10
    Poland 6 0 0 12 525 321 18
    Romania 10 5 0 0 597 308 15
    Slovakia 9 0 11 0 787 942 20
    Ukraine* 0 7 0 9 304 392 16
    Serbia and Montenegro 1 0 0 0 63 608 1
    Total 29 12 21 21 2 635 294 83

    * not including 7 Nature Conservation Areas in Hungary and 3 protected areas of high protective legal status in Ukraine, which could not be integrated in the present categories.
  • Acknowledgements
    The project "Network of Carpathian protected areas and Ramsar sites" was finacially supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of "Plan of action for candidate countries to the EU".
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