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Publication and documents
Natura 2000 in Slovakia - Methodology for Site´s Identification

Publisher: DAPHNE - Institute of Applied Ecology
|effer, J., Lasák, R., (eds.) 2004, Bratislava, 107p.

Methodology for Site´s Identification - description of Slovak approach of identification Sites of community interest (slovak - english publication)


  • identification of taxa and habitats included in the habitats directive
  • sources of information for identification of Natura 2000 sites
  • preparation of data for selection of SCIs
  • identification of the proposed sites of community importance (pSCIs)
  • specification and adjustment of borders
  • references
  • annexes (lists of habitats and taxa with treshold values of coverage; maps of habitats and taxa; scientific proposal of Natura 2000 network)

    Methodology is available on address:

    DAPHNE - Institute of Applied Ecology
    Hanulova 5/d
    844 40 Bratislava


    State Nature Conservancy of the SR
    Lazovná 10
    974 01 Banská Bystrica

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