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Second update of Special Areas of Conservation national list
28. 11. 2017   
On 25th October 2017 the Government of the Slovak Republic approved the Second update of the Special Areas of Conservation national list , fulfilling the obligation resulting from our membership in the European Union. To 473 protected sites with natural habitats and species of European importance presented to the European Commission in 2004 and 2011, new 169 sites with area of 31 656 ha will be added. The total area will increase from 11.9 % of the Slovak Republic's territory to 12.6 %.
An updated Natura 2000 database was subsequently sent to European Commission in the prescribed format. The next steps will be to issue a generally binding legal regulation establishing a national list of Special Areas of Conservation and bilateral negotiations with the European Commission to assess the adequacy of the updated list.
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Workshop on alpine rivers in Slovakia
12. 09. 2014   MoE
Town of Zvolen in Central Slovakia was a place where the Workshop on Alpine Rivers was organised on 3rd and 4th of September, 2014. The Workshop was part of the Natura 2000 new biogeographic process undertaken by EU member states. It was also an activity of the Carpathian Wetland Initiative in relation to the rivers in the Carpathian mountain range. Over 40 experts on nature protection and water management altogether from eight countries participated, including a representative of the European Commission and Ramsar Convention Secretariat. Organisation of this workshop was agreed on the Natura 2000 seminar in Graz (November 2013) where EU member states suggested to organize regular working meetings on issues which crucially influence favourable conservation status of alpine water habitats of community interest and connected species. First day of the workshop was spent outdoors on two parallel excursions (to the River Hron and River Slatina and surrounding protected areas). The second day was divided in three blocks, each followed by a discussion. Within the first block there was a presentation on EU legal and strategic framework in nature and water protection, including reporting and interpretation guidance (a document on water energy use and Natura 2000 is currently under preparation), a presentation on activities of the Carpathian Wetland Initiative and on strategic tools for sustainable use of water energy. The second block has brought case studies on application of the environmental assessment for river continuum while the third block was aimed at revitalization of the rivers. More information:
Presentations and details on workshop.
Information on new biogeographic process.
Alpine workshop
25. 07. 2013   European Commission
Draft report of the Alpine workshop of 12-14 June has now been published. The report includes all issues, possible solutions and proposed actions that participants identified in relation to managing priority habitat types in Alpine forests, wetlands, grasslands and freshwater habitats. Follow this link to read the report:
New biodiversity report
19. 10. 2010   
EEA just published a new biodiversity report based on SEBI 2010 indicators as well as other relevant national and regional information sources. The report is available here and can be downloaded directly from here Recently EEA also completed the publication of the EEA’s ’10 messages for 2010’. Each of the messages can be downloaded from here
Orders on the 19 SPAs
22. 12. 2008   
Orders for 19 SPAs for protection of birds with maps are THERE.
Order on the SPA Dolné Považie
10. 11. 2006   SNC SR
The 5th order on SPA designation from a total number 38 SPAs is in force from 15 November 2006. The designed SPA is the area of Dolné Považie in the districts Nové Zámky and Komárno. The area is important for nesting of Coracias garrulus, Circus aeruginosus, Anthus campestris and other “open land” bird species of European importance.
Fish research
04. 09. 2006   SNC SR
According to EC requirements the State Nature Conservancy SR in co-operation with Slovak Fishery Association performs a fish research focused on completion of data on NATURA 2000 fish and lampreys distribution. Furthermore the research aim is to monitor the Great Cormorant influence to fish populations on the Orava, Váh, Turiec, Kysuca and Hron rivers. The research is carried out on 111 spots on 19 rivers and streams. The exemption for the activity from the Ministry of Environment SR was given for a period August 2006 - November 2007.
NATURA 2000 and fish farming support
07. 07. 2006   SNC SR
Ministry of Agriculture SR prepares the National Strategic Plan on Fish Farming 2007 - 2013 that results from the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) Regulation. According to EFF the objective of the fish farmers’ support is also to help development of the sustainable aquacultures compatible with special environmental restrictions resulting from designation of NATURA 2000 sites.
National Strategic Plan on Rural Development SR 2007 - 2013
30. 05. 2006   SNC SR
On 24 May 2006 the proposal on National Strategic Plan on Rural Development SR 2007 - 2013 was approved by Government SR. Consequently the Rural Development Program 2007 - 2013 that includes all terms defined in the strategy will be elaborated. Apart form other things also the proposed conservation measures in agricultural as well as forest types of NATURA 2000 sites are included into the strategy. In NATURA 2000 sites the applicants can participate in the measure Agro-environmental payments as before and come up to new measure Forest-environmental payments.
Water Framework Directive and NATURA 2000
07. 05. 2006   SNC SR
The WFD objective is to prevent the waters status deterioration and reach a “good status of waters” up to 2015. As far as the directive includes also the requirements of other EU directives concerning waters, it is an opportunity for nature protection in Slovakia to participate in the WFD implementation by including the activities for wetland NATURA 2000 habitats and species protection into the process. Therefore co-operation between SNC SR, Water Management Research Institute (VÚVH) and Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMÚ) on selected tasks, e.g. principal water management problems identification, establishment of the waters monitoring program, river systems revitalization and river basins management plans preparation has started.
Order on the SPA Sysľovské polia
27. 04. 2006   SNC SR
The order on the SPA Sysľovské polia designation is valid from 1 May 2006. The site of 1773 ha lies on the Slovak-Austrian-Hungarian border and it is the last nesting site of Great Bustard (Otis tarda) in Slovakia. In winter the flocks of tens of bustards occur here – the site is therefore also an important wintering area for them. The site is designed also for protection of gooses and Red-footed Falcon (Falco vespertinus).
New act on EIA
09. 02. 2006   SNC SR
On 1 February 2006 the new Act No. 24/2006 on EIA came into force. The act sets rules for a assessment of the potential impacts of the strategic documents as well as planned activities on environment before their approval or decision on their localization, respectively. From NATURA 2000 (proposed as well as already designed) sites protection point of view the Art. 18(5) of the new act on EIA and Art. 28 of the Act No. 543/2002 on Nature and Landscape Protection are especially important. The new act should contribute to more effective enforcement of the EC requirements on EIA with regard to NATURA 2000 sites.
The SPAs orders preparation
13. 01. 2006   NATURA 2000 Centre
Currently the preparation of the orders on designation of further SPAs is in the process. Out of the National List of SPAs, which consists of 38 SPAs, 3 sites were designed up to now: SPA Horná Orava, SPA Malé Karpaty and SPA Lehnice. Other sites should be designed to the end of 2006; in the meanwhile they are protected preliminary. Designation of all sites is negotiated with the owners and land users. In December 2005 the Ministry of Environment submitted for legislative negotiations the orders drafts for further 4 sites: SPA Medzibodrožie, SPA Dolné Považie, SPA Ostrovné lúky and SPA Dubnícke štrkovisko. The SPAs’ (and whole NATURA 2000 network) objective is to keep the status of selected species populations on a favourable level, what however does not exclude the economic activities, if favourable status is not injured.
Fish research in the upper Hron River
21. 10. 2005   SNC SR
The presence of several fish species of European importance was proved by the fish research carried out by SNC SR in co-operation with the Slovak Fishery Association in 7 localities between Banská Bystrica and Podbrezová (a middle part of the upper Hron River). The relatively abundant registered species were Thymallus thymallus, Cottus gobio and Phoxinus phoxinus, less abundant Barbus barbus and Hucho hucho. Ukrainian Lamprey (Eudontomyzon mariae) registration only acknowledged high ecological value and fish diversity of the Hron River. Other registered species were Leuciscus cephalus, Gobio gobio, Noemacheilus barbatulus, Salmo trutta morpha fario, S. gairdneri, etc.
V4 meeting
15. 10. 2005   MoE SR, SNC SR
On 13-14 October 2005 the V4 representatives met to discuss NATURA 2000 sites proposals, esp. delineation of proposed transbourdary SCIs. Slovakia bilaterally negotiated the particular border sites proposals and subject of their protection with the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. The participated parties agreed on addition of some transbourdary sites to the list. Current SCIs proposals of the V4 states cover 9% in the Czech Republic, 3.7% in Poland, 15% in Hungary and 11.7% in Slovakia. According to first negotiations with EC the proposals will be extended.
Pannonic biogeographic seminar
03. 10. 2005   Ministry of Environment
The pannonic part of Slovakia was assessed by the European Commission on 26-27th September in Hungary. The European Commission assessed the proposes Sites of Community Importance (pSCIs) from Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic occuring in the pannonic biogeographic region. The pannonic biogeographic region covers the whole area of Hungary, lawlands in Slovakia and a small part of the Czech Republic and Romania. On seminar the representatives from countries, NGOs, experts and landowners (users of land) participated. The purpose of the seminar was to evaluate, if pSCIs are sufficient for all habitats and species of Community interest naturally occuring in the pannonic biogeographic region. According to preliminary results, the Slovak national list of pSCIs is sufficient for 58 % of habitats and species. For other habitats and species it will be necessary to define new sites or to realise a scientific research. The European Commission highly appreciated preparedness of all participated states.
Alpine biogeographic seminar
01. 06. 2005   State Nature Conservany of the SR
May 30-31, European Commission organised the Alpine biogeographic seminar in Slovenia. The representatives from Slovakia, Poland and Slovenia including NGOs, experts and landowners (users of land) participated on the seminar. The negotiations subject was to provide an assessment of the proposed Sites of Community Importance (pSCIs) from the Annex I habitats and Annex II species coverage point of view. Knowledge of the occurrence of many habitats and species (especially fish and invertebrates) in the Slovak territory is still insufficient, in spite of our permanent field mapping. The coverage of some of the habitats and species was assessed as insufficient and Slovakia was required to complete new localities to the NATURA 2000 network. Similarly also Slovenia and Poland despite their more extensive proposals were assessed as insufficient. The countries have 1 year to complete their proposals of the pSCIs.
Expert meetings
17. 11. 2004   SNC
20-21 January 2004, 15-16 Juny 2004 and 15-16 November 2004: National Expert Meetings on monitoring and conservation management of Natura 2000 habitats and species.
1-3 February 2005: Expert meeting on management of NATURA 2000 sites.
2224 February 2005: Training in effective communication and financial tools in nature protection.
1517 March 2005: Expert workshop Monitoring of habitats and species of European importance.
RIS NATURA 2000 started
01. 10. 2004   State Nature Conservany of the SR
Today started work of 25 Regional Information Centres (RIS) NATURA 2000 in the framework all Slovakia.
The pSCIs legislative arrangement
14. 07. 2004   MoE of the Slovak Republic
The Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic issued the Regulation of MoE SR No. 3/2004-5.1 on National list of proposed Sites of Community Importance.
Slovakia sent the NATURA 2000 proposal to Brussels
27. 04. 2004   State Nature Conservany of the SR
The national lists of proposed Special Protection Areas and proposed Sites of Community Importance were sent to the European Commission in Brussels in a form of the Standard Data Forms for Alpine and Pannonic biogeographic regions together with the electronic and paper maps.
National list pSCI approved
17. 03. 2004   State Nature Conservany of the SR
The Government of the Slovak Republic approved the National list of proposed Sites of Community Importance that contains 382 sites, which cover 573 690 ha, i.e. 11.7 % of Slovakia.
National list SPA approved
09. 07. 2003   State Nature Conservany of the SR
The Government of the Slovak Republic approved the National list of proposed Special Protection Areas that contains 38 localities, which cover 1 236 545 ha, i.e. 25.2 % area of Slovakia.
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